Shock Cords (pair)

Designed with durability and functionality, FLAT Rigs shock cords carry our 3-Year Warranty against excessive stretch, breakage, cracking, and chaffing. Our shock cords solve the problem of your halyard lines becoming slack over time and end the constant expense and aggravation of re-rigging. Our 100% EPDM polymer cords are assured to remain as tightly configured (when used in conjunction with our 500 lb. Dacron Halyard line) as the day you set them-up. In addition, our polymer cords will not blacken angler’s hands or boat gunnels as they firmly stand up to the harshest marine environments.

We employ Ronstan’s acetal block stainless steel ball bearing pulleys that have proven to be the finest made block pulleys in the sailboat racing world. We continue the unparalleled quality of our shock cords right down to the US made 316 AISI stainless steel snap hook. Not only will they last, they’ll remain rust free. Don’t be afraid to really snug them-up, as you’ll reduce your outrigger pole bounce and preserve your outrigger mounts. Say goodbye to stretched out and broken bungee cords for good!

***We strongly recommend that when purchasing our shock cords, that you also add to your order our 500 lb. military grade Dacron halyard line- as monofilament and lesser quality cotton blend halyard will now be receiving all the tension and lead to unwanted stretching of the circuit. Halyard and individual pieces to refresh you outriggers can be found on our Rigging Components Page.

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