Double “Nok-Out” Kit


Double “Nok-Out” Rigging Kit



FLAT Rigs Professional Grade Shock Cords offers this kit that includes all of the hardware to rig two RUPP “Nok-Out” release clips on each outrigger making it possible for a total of 4 fishing lines to be trolled from your outriggers.  This kit includes; 2- FLAT Rigs double pulley shock cords that carry our 3-year warranty, 4 RUPP “Nok-Out” release clips, 4-50′ bails of non-stretch military grade black dacron halyard, 4-polypropylene stop balls, 8- 150 lb. Roscoe snap swivels, 2- 316 AISI Stainless steel pad eyes accompanied by 4- 316 AISI stainless steel screws, and 2 (tensioning) barrel swivels.


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