Pad Eye/Camel Back- Shock Cord Anchor (pair)


Pad Eye/Camel Back Shock Cord Snap Hook Anchor


Call it what you want.  Pad eye, carabiner, or camel back. This is the hardware used to securely anchor your shock cord clip-end to the boat gunnel or T-top. FLAT Rigs selected this US made 316 AISI stainless steel component for its’ smooth rise and heavy duty gauge. Don’t be afraid to mount this hardware on your gunnel where you step- as this low-profile hardware won’t feel like stepping on a nail-even barefooted. Our pad eyes also come with 4 US made 316 AISI stainless steel mounting screws that countersink smoothly in to the pad eye for a flush look on this heavy gauge component.  Rest assured,  this quality Stailess Steel won’t leave any unsightly rust blemishes or pit.


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