Single Pulley Shock Cord (pair)


Single Pulley Shock Cord (pair)



Simply put, if you use a single pulley shock cord, there is none better. Used to deploy and retrieve one release clip (per-outrigger pole) FLAT Rigs Single Pulley Shock Cord carries our standard 3-Year Warranty against breakage, excessive stretch, and cracking.  FLAT Rigs single pulley configuration uses Ronstan’s stainless steel ball bearing and acetal block pulley- completely encased in a stainless steel sheave.  On the other end, we employ a 316 AISI snap hook to clip to your gunnel.  Not only will this cord assembly remain rust free, it will look sharp on any boat.

*As will all of the shock cords available in our line-up, we recommend our 500 lb. Dacron halyard line to accompany this order.


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